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Our Artificial Grass In Ringwood, Hampshire.

Artificial grass can be a fantastic benefit for schools, nurseries, care homes and other businesses. Outdoor spaces that look and perform to a high standard are a great selling point. What’s more, they work to promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing too.

Alongside mowing and weeding, there are also a mountain of health risks that accompany traditional lawns, made even more poignant when working with the very young or old. For example, a wet and muddy lawn can present a slip hazard, with artificial grass you’re able to provide a safer environment and also an area that can be used 365 days a year.

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Check out the latest work which our approved installers have recently completed. Artificial grass can completely transform even the most neglected of areas into a bright, open space – perfect for garden parties, children, pets and more. Every artificial grass installation which our approved installers have completed has rated them a minimum of 9/10 on, so you can be assured your garden will look as perfect as these examples below.

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Is artificial grass a safe solution?

Artificial grass in Ringwood is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many people. This is because it is so versatile and simple. The truth is, artificial lawns take very little maintenance to keep them useable, which is great for schools and nurseries who may spend hundreds, or even thousands of pounds, on lawn maintenance. It’s quick drying nature also means that the risk of slips is greatly reduced. Artificial grass in Ringwood does not get muddy after heavy rain. In fact, as water easily drains away through the ground, after it has gotten wet in a shower it’s usable again in just a few minutes, meaning that it can be enjoyed at any point during the year with no risk of injury.

Can artificial grass benefit my business?

Over the years, we have worked with a number of commercial clients to great effect. Artificial grass is a great way for businesses to keep costs low while retaining a beautiful outdoor space as it requires very little maintenance. It’s also an affordable alternative that can cover as big or small an area as possible to great effect. For offices, the introduction of artificial grass to outdoor spaces can have a rejuvenating effect on staff and customers, providing an all-weather area to be enjoyed by all. Furthermore, the addition of artificial grass in pubs and restaurants can create an easy to maintain outdoor space, such as a beer garden, that is a big selling point for customers. For a long time we have supplied and fitted artificial grass in Ringwood and the surrounding areas to businesses and have found the effect transformative!

Is artificial grass eco-friendly?

If, like us, you’re committed to living a eco-friendlier lifestyle, artificial grass in Ringwood is a fantastic place to start. This is mainly because it does not require any water or other maintenance in the form of mowing, weeding or fertilising. With artificial lawns, there is no need to use powerful weed killers or other poisons that may leech into the soil and damage the environment. What’s more, you’ll greatly reduce your carbon footprint and electrical consumption as there will be no need to use a lawn mower to trim your garden anymore. All artificial grass products from our approved installers are created from polyurethane and have a lifetime of up to 20 years, making them a fantastic investment that will save time, money and the environment. For more information, give us a call.

I enjoy gardening, will artificial grass stop me?

Many people think investing in artificial grass in Ringwood means giving up on their garden. But this isn’t true. Gardening a great way to practice mindfulness and cultivate a space that is relaxing and enjoyable, but we’ve found our customers do not enjoy keeping up with a natural lawn. In fact, many people find that with an artificial lawn, they can dedicate more time to tending to more enjoyable parts of gardening, such as growing vegetables or beautiful plants. Our experts at The Artificial Grass Group are able to help you achieve an artificial lawn space that works around your needs. We can preserve borders, ponds, allotments, and much more to ensure your outdoor space remains one you can enjoy without the stress of battling a large expanse of unruly grass.

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