ZeoStop – 25KG Dog Friendly Infill


ZeoStop – 25KG Dog Friendly Infill

100% organic, ZeoStop is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral that makes the best artificial grass deodoriser available in the UK.

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ZeoStop – 25KG Dog Friendly Infill

As a sponge (Absorbtion) – When your dog wees on your artificial grass the ZeoStop soaks up the urine immediately and stops it contaminating the grass blades and leaking through the drainage holes and congealing under the grass backing

As a chemical sieve (Filtration) –  Inside each tiny zeostop rock there is a rigid, 3-dimensional honeycomb structure of uniformly sized channels through which dog wee moves freely as it’s absorbed, allowing the rocks to act as a molecular sieve. As the ZeoStop absorbs the dog urine, it filters out the smelly ammonia and nitrates locking them away into its hollow chambers.

As a Magnet (Adsorption: magnetic ion exchange) – ZeoStop is one of the very few negatively charged substances in nature and it magnetically holds the smelly ammonia ions, preventing the pong. When it rains, the negatively charged ZeoStop exchanges the ammonia it’s been holding onto with the positive ions in the UK’s acid rain, thus washing it’s self clean