4 Reasons Why Your Pet Will Love Artificial Grass

Pets and grass. They go together hand in hand, don’t they? But pets and grass can also be a complete nightmare for your garden.

Firstly, there’s the mud. When it’s wet out and your lawn has turned into a filthy boggy mess, the struggle is truly real. Many a pet owner has spent endless amounts of time trying to do damage control, wiping their dogs’ paws and fur in an attempt to mitigate the risk of mud covering upholstery and carpets. But you ultimately know it’s a futile exercise. And you know if you try and keep them indoors over the wetter seasons, they’ll get cabin fever and end up destroying your home…

Which is where artificial grass comes in. We are often asked by customers looking to explore artificial grass for their garden if it’s suitable for pets. Our answer is a resounding yes! And in this article, we’re going to tell you why.


Artificial Grass Is Tough

One of the biggest apprehensions pet owners have about artificial grass is that their furry friend will damage it. But that really isn’t the case. Well made, high quality artificial lawns are really durable. In fact, they’re even more durable than natural lawns. This is because they are made to be hardwearing and are rigorously tested to ensure that this is the case.

While no brand of artificial grass has claimed to be invincible just yet. Many are manufactured with all kinds of pets in mind. And you’ll find that even the most mischievous of pets will have a hard time chewing or scratching through the weave. What’s more, they probably won’t want to as there is no soil underneath full of goodies, unlike your natural lawn…


Artificial Grass Is Safe

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to pet owners and we understand that safety is paramount to them. As we said above, your pet will have a hard time chewing their way through artificial turf. But more than that, if they do get a mouthful, many artificial lawns are created with food grade polyurethane which is totally safe. No matter if it gets hot from the sun, wet from rain or cold from snow, no harmful chemicals will leak out that could be harmful to pets. So, you can rest easy.

There’s a few more reasons why artificial grass is safe for pets, too. The first is it reduces the risk of disease or exposure to harmful weeds. This is particularly true for dogs, who are vulnerable to lungworm. As this potentially fatal disease is contracted from contact with slugs and snails, replacing the space with artificial turf can dramatically reduce the risk of your dog eating or playing with them. Secondly, artificial grass does not need to be treated with fertiliser or weed killer – both of which can be harmful to pets, or at least require them to stay indoors for a period of time after treatment.


Urine Doesn’t Affect Artificial Grass

This is a big bug bear for pet owners. Dog urine in particular can scorch and even kill natural grass. But artificial lawns are completely unaffected by it. If your dog has a favourite spot for doing their business, they can continue to do so on fake grass. And you won’t be tearing your hair out because the grass won’t die, become patchy, or discolour after prolonged use. All it takes is a splash of warm soapy water every now and again to keep it fresh. And if we’re honest, rainwater will probably do that job for you most of the time!


Pets Love Artificial Grass

Finally, pets LOVE artificial grass. And half the time they don’t even notice the difference! Yes, they may give it a curious sniff after it has been laid. But give it an hour and they’ll be frolicking around in no time. And the best part is you won’t have to clean up after them!

Put simply, artificial grass is fantastic for pets of all shapes. It’s resilient, soft, hardwearing and safe for them to enjoy come rain or shine. And you’ll notice the benefits straight away too!