The top 5 benefits of artificial grass for families

Time spent as a family often includes lots of giggles, smiles and all round good times. One of the most popular family time settings is the garden. On a warm summer’s day, the whole family can visit and what better place to spend the time than in your beautiful garden?

Many families are turning to artificial grass as a safe, clean and durable alternative to natural grass for their gardens. But what exactly is the reasoning behind this, here’s a couple of benefits that have got people ditching the dirt and heading for artificial turf.

Artificial grass is child friendly

Children love playing out in the garden, rain or shine, we can’t stop their curious little minds and the garden is one of their favourite spots to explore. Their time in the garden shouldn’t lead to dirty clothes, muddy footprints and trips from any uneven ground.

That’s why many parents are turning to artificial turf.

It is soft and safe to play on. The level surface means trips and falls are less likely to happen, and it doesn’t hold any dirt or mud so you can say goodbye to the grass stain remover under the sink!

Pets love artificial grass too!

If you are lucky enough to own a furry friend, chances are they love their time in the garden just as much as the kids! With a soft, spongy surface you can be sure that playing fetch will be playing a much bigger part in your quality time…

Artificial grass is a great alternative when owning pets, particularly dogs who love to dig up the turf and create holes in the ground. Thankfully, this is not an issue with an artificial lawn – try as you may, Fido!

The grass is also very easy to clean up after your little friends decide to do their business. Artificial turf doesn’t hold lingering smells and is super easy to clean up. Not to mention, turf sprays are widely available to clean the grass and rid it of any leftover mess.

You can create a great hosting space for family events

The spaces that can be created using artificial turf are not at all limited. Eating spaces can be crafted with furniture on top of the grass, perfect for family picnics out in the garden.

For those with larger families that love to get together, you could host BBQ’s and the children could play on the soft grass as the grilling gets underway – just be sure to keep the BBQ away from the grass though!

An all-sport terrain for active kids

Whether you have a rising footballer or the next gold medallist gymnast in the family, the grass will serve as the perfect terrain for children’s sporting endeavours.

Install goal posts and the grass can be used to host the garden world cup for your little footballer and their pals. Similarly, the grass could be used to practice cartwheels, front rolls and backflips galore!

Minimal input, maximal output

Maintenance is a huge reason why many families make the switch, and with artificial grass requiring little more than the occasional brush and de-littering, you can be sure that you won’t spend much time at all keeping it looking pristine.

After having the whole family over the grass will not look tired, run-down or flat which is commonly associated with natural grass after a group of youngsters have spent the day playing on it!

Those are just some of the many benefits that artificial grass can bring to your garden and will positively impact not only your time in the garden but also those who you share the garden with.